Social Media vs. Print

It’s important to stay informed. Read about the key differences between Social Media & Print.

• Almost 50% of the population does not participate in social media.

• People use social media as a mini escape from the stress and tedium of ordinary life. Most people access it to stay in touch with friends and relatives.

• Digital Marketing Research found that 57% of businesses that have Facebook to promote their business report that, “they don’t think or don’t know if their posts made a difference in their sales volume.”

• Even the top brands on Facebook are reaching only 2% of their fans and that only .07% actually interact with each post.

• A local paper reaches both their current customers, reinforcing that relationship, and new prospects, introducing them to the business.

• The obvious advantage of a community paper, both in print and in an online format, is that it reaches a larger market and is the best use of your advertising budget while not be limited to only reaching current customers of your business.

• While the use of social media will continue to grow, it is not permanent. Local print stays in the home for an average of seven days where readers can refer back to and will continue to be an advertiser’s best means to attract customers to their business.